Ambassadors in Tourism

In the framework of our further activity in the conference tourism, on behalf of the Strategy and Research Department, with great pleasure we would like to inaugurate the new pioneering programme Ambassadors in Tourism. It is the most innovative programme that until today the Cyprus Tourism Organisation has led. On the other hand it is an establishment that has proven lately with flying colours that it can work abroad. For instance established destinations such as Vienna, Milan, Japan, Spain, Ireland, England, South Africa, Glasgow and many others claim that with their only tool that of the Ambassadors they have had significant increase in attracting conferences.

The philosophy of this voluntary scheme is to address fundamental issues of conference tourism and offered tourist products/activities of Cyprus in a group of distinguished Cypriots or foreigners who reside in Cyprus who either travel often for business purposes abroad or are active in international fora and associations so that they contribute, encourage or bid for an international or a regional conference in Cyprus.

Main groups of ambassadors we estimate that will stem from the academic, medical, local authority, entrepreneur domains, ministry representatives, and semi-government bodies, associations, various societies, known artists, sportspeople or other Cypriots who wish to substantially show their love for their motherland.

For us the Ambassador institution is the most authentic tool that we have ever had because it is based on our best comparative advantage, our people. We still base our optimism on the success of this institution on mutual benefits: the participants in the scheme shall be benefited the most via their networking that they shall have by the scheme for their selves, their research, their products and their enterprises.
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