Questions and Answers

Who is the competent authority for the program?
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO).

How can I become Ambassador in Tourism?
By sending e-mail to in order to received the statement of interest.

Who can participate in the program?
Cypriot or foreign citizens who travel frequently abroad or are active in international bodies or associations and who can exercise influence in attracting conferences, corporate meetings or incentive trips in Cyprus.

Is there an age limit for participants?
No, their interest in promoting Cyprus as a conference destination abroad is sufficient.

Does participation entail any cost?
No, participation does not entail any cost.

Does my participation in the program Ambassadors in Tourism require any special action on my part?
No, your participation does not require any special action on your part. The programís objectives will be promoted through your current activity.

Where can I send my suggestions regarding the program?

By email to or by fax to + 357 22 331644 and + 357 22 691313