Welcome to Ambassadors in Tourism

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is launching a pioneer institution aiming to promote Cyprus as a destination for Conference Tourism and invites you to participate as our country’s ambassador in the program “Ambassadors in Tourism”.

Conferences and incentive trips constitute a strategic priority for our country’s tourist development, given that Cyprus can be an ideal destination for this purpose. Such events can contribute significantly to tourist development and the domestic economy.

The aim of this voluntary institution is to communicate basic issues pertaining to conference tourism and the available tourist products / activities of Cyprus to a group of distinguished Cypriots as well as foreigners living in Cyprus, who either travel frequently abroad on business or are active in international bodies and associations. These individuals can subsequently promote, encourage or even claim the hosting of international or regional conferences in Cyprus.

All personalities participating in the program “Ambassadors in Tourism” will have networking opportunities for their business / company /organisation and enjoy a number of other personal benefits.